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LG is the first brand to copy Apple’s controversial decision


If you were aware of the launch of the iPhone 12, then you already know that they will come without a charger and without earphones inside the box. A measure that extends to the other models that the company sells through its official website.

Apple being the first to take this step, it was already expected that other brands would do the same. And the first to enter this new paradigm is LG, with the next LG G8X campaign.

LG G8X will be on sale, but without charger in the box

With the approach of a new discount campaign at the Indian store Flipkart, rumors arose that the LG G8X would be sold without a charger inside the box. When faced with the issue, LG confirmed this change.

The South Korean company sensitizes potential buyers of the LG G8X that they can purchase an official charger at any of its stores. However, this will have a cost added to the amount paid for the smartphone.

Contrary to what happened with Apple, LG does not provide any justification for this change in the contents of the LG G8X box. Honestly, there is no need to do it, because everyone knows why.

With Apple removing these accessories from the iPhone 12 case, it would be a matter of time before the market followed suit. I just wasn’t expecting the news to arrive just 24 hours after the Apple event.

That said, get ready, as there will certainly be very few next year smartphones that will bring a charger inside their retail box. What appeared to be an obvious accessory on any device will become a rarity in the coming months.

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