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Laptop full of malware sold for 1 million euros at auction


The concept of art is always very subjective and today we see yet another proof of this, with a portable Samsung NC10 to be auctioned for more than 1 million euros. This was a ‘creation’ of the artist Guo O Dong, who managed to infect the computer with 6 of the most devastating viruses of the last decades.

In a single computer, ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig, WannaCry, DarkTequila and BlackEnergy malware were ‘trapped’. All of them, together, were responsible for more than 85 billion euros in losses. It would be easy to imagine that this computer was created with the intention of causing even more damage, but this is not the case.

This laptop is the ‘pandora box’ of the malware world!

Being a work of art, the nickname “The Persistence of Chaos” is not intended to help these viruses cause even more problems. Therefore, it was placed in an isolated room, only being connected to the socket in order to remain connected.

laptop computer malware auction

This is without a doubt the portable computer that nobody will want to connect to the internet, or connect any kind of device via USB. With all this malware and its devastating capabilities, it would be like opening the ‘pandora box’. Each in its own way, these viruses were responsible for several attacks that launched panic in many countries.

  • ILOVEYOU : This virus was spread via email and file shares, affecting more than half a million computers. During its first week, it caused damages valued at 5 billion euros. In total, it is estimated to have caused a loss of more than EUR 13 billion.
  • MyDoom : allegedly created and dispersed by Russian hackers via email, this ‘worm malware’ was one of the fastest to spread panic, causing 34 billion euros in damages. This malware created ‘access ports’ on computers, allowing hackers to gain remote access.
  • SoBig : This ‘worn’ / ‘trojan’ was also spread among hundreds of thousands of computers via email, causing more than 33 billion euros in damages. One of the most dangerous aspects of this virus is that it can easily ‘send’ itself through email, accessing the users’ contacts.
  • WannaCry : This malware was one of the most talked about during the last few years. When gaining access of the computers, it blocked completely the access of the users, forcing to be paid a rescue in criptomoedas. In total, losses are estimated to have exceeded 3.5 billion euros.
  • DarkTequila : this virus was practically exclusive in Latin America, where it was responsible for the theft of thousands of banking data and intellectual property of several companies. With losses of several million euros, the most dangerous capacity of this malware is that it can ‘work’ even while offline.
  • BlackEnergy : This malware uses extremely advanced techniques to gain access and control computer systems, as well as robust encryption that makes your combat very difficult. BlackEnergy was used in a cyber attack on Ukraine in 2015, causing a large-scale blackout .
portable virus millions

All these viruses were extremely devastating while on the active side. Although they can still cause damage if they have been scattered again, they are already ‘out of date’, so they will not be as effective. However, there are already several updates of these malware in active, causing panic to thousands of users and businesses every day.

If the artist Guo O Dong decides to continue to perform more ‘works of art’ of this style, certainly will not lack new material to work.

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