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iPhone XI and iPhone XR 2019: video confirms sensors from your cameras


In a video shared by the site Mobilefun were developed camera protectors developed for the upcoming iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR (2019). This data confirms that Apple prepares to add a sensor to each of the devices.

According to the latest information that this video confirms, the iPhone XI Max will hit the market with three cameras. This camera protector confirms that in addition to the main and telephoto sensor, the iPhone XI Max will have a wide angle.

iphone xi max camera
IPhone XI Max Cameras

iPhone XR 2019 will have a telephoto lens

The images show us that the iPhone XR will have two cameras. In addition to the main sensors, the second lens is expected to be a telephoto. This will serve to employ optical zoom in the device.

iphone xr 2019 camera
IPhone XR 2019 Cameras

These camera protections meet the images of templates that have come online, and most of the renders shared recently. With this information, we know what lenses will have each, and their disposition.

Apple’s strategy thus seems to remain unchanged. The changes in the new iPhone should stick to little more than adding a lens to your devices. As competition increases, the company’s strategy has to change in the medium term.

Apple continues to have the great advantage of its ecosystem, but it is necessary that a company with its weight risk and present innovations that move the market. And this is a role that the company has not assumed.

Pooja Kaintura
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