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iPhone programmer earns 100,000 euros in 6 days with this application


Independent iPhone programmer Traf has achieved what many programmers only dream of. Its application became a hit overnight and, in just 6 days, managed to earn more than 100 thousand euros in sales.

We can say that the programmer Traf was fortunate enough to be mentioned in one of the MKBHD videos on iOS 14. His application is a simple icon pack that completely transforms the design of the iPhone.

Icon pack for iPhone was worth 100 thousand Euros in 6 days

In a Tweet, the well-known YouTuber MKBHD, mentioned how important small organic partnerships are between content creators and programmers.

The MKBHD video starts talking about iOS 14 news and ends up showing us a totally different design than usual. This design won over thousands of people who quickly rushed to buy the programmer’s icon pack.

Won for the novelty

iOS 14 icon pack

On the iPhone, customization was almost nil until iOS 14. Unlike Android, which has had an icon pack for some years, the iPhone only now offers this possibility. Installing the icon pack is also not as simple as on Android. Hence, on the programmer’s website, there are instructions for downloading and installing the icon pack.

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