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iPhone 9 Plus is confirmed through the iOS 14 code


Apple was supposed to showcase the success of the iPhone SE – supposedly known as the iPhone 9 – later this month. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the technology company to postpone this disclosure.

According to what advances today to 9to5 Mac, this will not be the only economic model that Apple has in development. For lovers of big screens, and iPhone 9 Plus will also be launched.

The evidence for the existence of this device was found in the iOS 14 code. It is not the first time that Apple software has given us indications of what to expect from its hardware.

iPhone 9 Plus will be an improved iPhone 8 Plus

According to the source, this model will feature a 5.5-inch screen and the A13 Bionic processor. This SoC is the same as the one found on the iPhone 11 and will also make an appearance on the iPhone 9.

iPhone 8 Plus

In addition, it is said that the iPhone 9 Plus will feature Touch ID technology. That is, this smartphone will have a physical home button on the bottom to house this sensor, which also means margins that are larger than its tops.

In short, Apple will take the iPhone 8 Plus housing and improve its specifications. Giving it another name, the company will put on the market a piece of equipment that it intends to be the alternative for those who do not have the financial power to buy one of its current tops.

Presentation of the new smartphones is still a mystery

Apple was due to hold an event for the presentation of new products later this month. As it has been happening all over the world, this event will have been canceled due to the prevention of the new Coronavirus.

That said, we still have no indication of when Apple could reveal the iPhone 9 and 9 Plus. June appears as the probable date, but we will have to wait for more information on the subject to confirm or disprove this theory.

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