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iPhone 9: Designation Confirmed by Accessories Store


It was speculated that Apple could present a new low-cost iPhone on March 31. This event never happened due to COVID-19, and now its announcement is expected for April 15th.

Before everything is official, it seems that the confirmation that everyone wanted has arrived. Apple’s next device will even be called the iPhone 9.

The information was shared by the well-known Jon Prosser, who has been the source of various information related to Apple. He received, from an employee of the American store Target, a photo confirming this designation.

iPhone 9

Protective film for iPhone 9 gives confirmation

The shared image is from the PDA of one of Target’s employees, in which he can consult the store’s inventory. In the upper right corner we see that the film in question will be compatible with the iPhone 6, 7, 8 and 9 and will cost 29.99 dollars.

What is common to all four models is its 4.7 inch screen. That is, if you have a film for your iPhone 8 or earlier, it will be compatible with the upcoming iPhone 9.

This further confirms that the iPhone 9 will come with considerable margins for current market standards. In that sense, the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) on the home button will be back.

What to expect from the new low-cost iPhone

The ideology of the iPhone SE will be replicated on the iPhone 9. In short, Apple will take the iPhone 8 housing and place the iPhone 11 hardware inside.

The result will be equipment that looks like it was three years ago, but with last year’s hardware. This will also allow the company to appeal to consumers who may have a preference for smartphones with small screens.

The price is expected to settle at € 499, considerably below Apple’s current range tops. This point will also be important, as it will give the least financially wealthy the possibility to buy a new iPhone.

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