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iPhone 12: not only will the charger be missing from the box


In recent months there have been several rumors that Apple will not put earphones (EarPods) and charger in the case of the iPhone 12. And a new detail confirms one of these predictions.

A small change in the iOS 14.2 code triggered the alarms. As MacRumors demonstrates, this detail is the confirmation that was missing to know that there will be no earphones in the box of the new iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 should not even bring earphones included in the box

Until iOS 14 there was a reference in the code to “headphones provided”. This reference has now been replaced by just “headphones” and the word “supplied” has been removed from the code.

IPhone 12 case concept
IPhone 12 case concept

Although there is no official confirmation, this withdrawal does not appear to be innocent and suggests that there will be no EarPods in the box. This at a time when it also seems almost certain that we will not have a charger included in the box (only the cable).

Recall that the Apple Watch Series 6 was recently released only with the charging cable. And that raises the rumor that Apple will use the “ecological footprint” to justify this change.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 may thus be the last Apple smartphones to arrive with EarPods included in the box. For those who like wired headsets and buy one of the upcoming equipment, you will have to make the purchase separately.

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