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iOS 13 suggests USB-C presence on iPhone XI


The beta of iOS 13 already walks in the equipment of the most adventurous and already leaves clues of what to expect of the next iPhone. The user Raphael Mouton left, on his Twitter, an image of the recovery screen of his iPhone in which we are shown a USB-C cable

The image we can see indicates that we should connect the iPhone to iTunes. But the most interesting is even the presence of a USB-C cable rather than the usual Lightning.

Is it from this that Apple gives us a USB-C input on the iPhone?

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of Apple abandoning its Lightning input in favor of USB-C. This kind of rumor has been constant in recent years, but so far it has never materialized.

Now that iOS 13 itself mentions this entry, the expectation is even greater for the presence of the USB-C input on the new iPhone XI. To realize this change, there is a greater consistency throughout Apple’s portfolio.

USB-C input is already part of other Apple products. Only the iPhone is missing!

One of the first Apple devices to migrate to USB-C was the Macbook Pro. Then the iPad Pro also had similar treatment. This scenario creates inconsistency in the company portfolio, since, for example, you can not directly connect your iPhone to your Macbook Pro.

Therefore, it makes sense that the iPhone also use a USB-C port. In addition to higher loading speeds, this input enables data transfer between devices.

What is the future of Lightning?

Since Apple makes a lot of money on accessories, it seems unlikely that it will completely abandon Lightning. This should not be Apple’s strategy, at least in the immediate future. This should be a gradual transition.

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