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IOS 13 public beta Available Now


Apple today opened up a public beta version of the latest operating systems for iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina, etc. to help optimize the software. You need to go to the Apple Beta Software Program website to complete the registration.

According to the report of the “Central News Agency” reporter, after logging in to the Apple ID, there will be a public beta version of the standard, in which Apple strongly recommends backing up all data and data on the device before the experience. After pressing the consent button, you can choose to update macOS, iOS, iPadOS or tvOS, and then use the relevant device to connect to the specified web page and download the update file.

The public beta version has a built-in Feedback Assistant App. When users find problems that require assistance, they can provide comments through this app. In addition, the public beta will automatically pass back anonymous diagnostic data and usage data to Apple, including data related to the crash, to optimize software and services. If the user does not want to provide this data, he can turn off automatic transmission in the “Privacy” of the “Settings” menu on the device.

Apple previewed multiple operating systems at the World Developers Conference (WWDC) in early June, including iOS 13 with built-in dark mode, the ability to browse and edit photos in new ways, log in to apps and websites, and explore the world with new map services All over the place. iOS 13 is faster and more responsive, while improving app startup speed, reducing app download size, and making Face ID face recognition faster.

The debut iPadOS is based on the same foundation as iOS, optimizing the multi-work mode for large displays of the iPad, launching a new way to use the app in multiple windows, and redesigning the main screen to make more information at a glance and to use Apple. The way the Pencil stylus is more natural.

In macOS Catalina, Apple will replace iTunes, which has been around for 18 years, with apps like Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV App. The new Sidecar feature allows the user to use the iPad as a second display; voice control allows the user to fully control the Mac via voice.

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