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iOS 13 promises to improve privacy


The iOS 13 will bring a novelty to increase the privacy and control of the users. When an application is using the location, a pop-up notification will be sent.

This notification gives the user two options: Keep the active location always or only when the application is used. Also, as you can see in the image, you are shown a map where apps access your location.

iOS 13

In addition, apps explain why they needed to access your location. With this feature, Apple wants apps to be more transparent with their intentions, not hiding user data.

Android Q will also have this function but incomplete

Right now, Android 4 Beta 4 gives users more control over apps and location. Like iOS 13, Android users will receive a notification giving the same control options.

That way, you can let an app always have access to the location, only when it’s turned on, or deny access altogether, as you can see from the image.

android q

However, Android Q will not show you a map of hits. In addition, no justification is provided for the request for access to the location.

Either way, permissions to applications are never too much. In a technological world filled with information leaks and privacy scandals, these functions are important in any mobile phone

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