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iOS 13 has a new bug that consumes a lot of mobile data for no apparent reason


IOS 13 has been a problematic version for Apple and all its users and problems continue to arise. This time, a new bug was detected that is consuming users’ mobile data.

According to known reports, unjustified consumption can amount to gigabytes. In most national plans, this scenario could generate large accounts for injured users.

Uninstalled applications are at the root of the problem

The strangest thing about this situation is that traffic is being attributed to applications that, supposedly, have already been uninstalled from the iPhone. Something that doesn’t make any sense and attests that this is a bug inherent in iOS 13.

For now, there is still no solution to the problem, except to completely disconnect mobile data. Apple has already recognized this bug, but we still have no indication of when a solution might be available.

How to find out if you are suffering from this bug

To find out if you have this bug, you should go to Settings – Mobile data and slide to the bottom where you will find the option ” Reset statistics ” and select it. That said, it is advisable that you do not install or uninstall an application in the next few days.

Now, you must analyze the volume of data that appears in the “Uninstalled” section. If the values ​​start to rise abruptly, then you have proof that the problem is affecting your iPhone.

Until a fix for the problem is released by Apple, you must tightly control your data consumption. Ideally, connect this connection only when necessary, to try to avoid bulky invoices at the end of the month for something that is not your responsibility.

Poorva Virmani
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