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Intel Invested in 14 new startups around the world to build an enhanced AI platform

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Processor leader Intel’s Intel Global Investment Corporation announced that it will invest 14 million US dollars in 14 startups. Intel expects to strengthen its development capabilities in the artificial intelligence (AI) platform through investments in startups.

According to the data, the 14 innovative companies invested by Intel are mostly American companies, and there are two other Chinese companies. One company in Canada, Israel and the United Kingdom has a list. The 14 companies that have joined Intel’s portfolio will help Intel build a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) platform in the future. In particular, through innovative methods, research and analysis of the materials and human sciences that make up the world, using more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques, and adopting new methods of disruptive wafer design.

The following is a list of 14 companies:

Artificial intelligence

SambaNova Systems (California) : The company is building an advanced system platform for executing AI applications from the data center to the edge.

Cloudpick Limited (Shanghai, China) : Provides physical store solutions for the artificial intelligence of anytime, anywhere shopping experience.

Untether AI (Toronto, Canada) : Ultra high performance AI wafers are being developed.

Zhuhai Yili Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhuhai, China) : Provide AI chips.

2. Communication

Pixeom (California, USA) : Provides an edge computing software platform that coordinates cloud computing functions locally.

Mighty Networks (California, USA) : Provides a common platform for brands and businesses to connect to support communities, content, online courses, and subscription commerce.

Polystream (UK) : Provides software-defined imaging technology that enables interactive graphical content to be streamed on an unprecedented scale.

Tibit Communications (California, USA) : The company is developing next-generation devices that provide broadband for home, office or cellular base stations and supports management from the cloud to the user.

3. Health care

Reveal Biosciences, Inc. (California, USA) : The company created ImageDx, a proprietary data-driven pathology deep learning platform.

Medical Informatics Corp. (Texas, USA) : A software-based monitoring and analysis company.

4. Industry 4.0

OnScale (California, USA) : Provides scalable engineering simulation software as needed.

Landing AI (California) : SaaS solutions that provide artificial intelligence for manufacturing and agriculture, and AI transformation projects.

proteanTecs (Haifa, Israel) : Development of universal wafer telemetry for electronic systems.

Qolibri Inc (California, USA) : Develop breakthrough proprietary solutions to solve related problems in semiconductor sub-components.

Intel’s senior vice president and Intel Capital’s president, Wendell Brooks, said, “Over the past 50 years, Intel has been driving disruptive innovation, making computing ubiquitous and transforming our way of life. Intel’s investment will continue to pass on these investments. Their disruptive innovations. These companies are changing our way of thinking about artificial intelligence, communication, manufacturing and healthcare. These areas will become more and more important in the coming years and become a data-centric, smarter connected world. key.”

Wendell Brooks also emphasized that these investments demonstrate a new strategy for Intel’s investment, which is to have a larger and more strategic shareholding in the invested companies. And Intel Capital will continue to invest between $300 million and $500 million annually in a variety of emerging technology innovation companies, and is committed to driving the transformation of impossible into possible disruptive innovation.

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