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Instagram will imitate Snapchat in messages. Do you know how


According to the famous leaker Jane Wong, Instagram is participating to copy a Snapchat function. These are ephemeral messages, which disappear after the user leaves the chat. This is one of the most popular features of Snapchat. See an example.

As you can see in Jane Wong’s example, the message disappeared as soon as she left the chat. Messages cannot be reviewed and disappear forever. This is a way to make chats more dynamic and interesting without fear of registration unless the person takes a screenshot.

The essence of Snapchat has always been messages and photographs taken at the moment, which disappear shortly thereafter. Social networks like Instagram and Facebook do not have this ephemeral ideology, but it seems that they think it is a good idea to implement some of the functions of Snapchat.

Considering that Facebook tried desperately to buy Snapchat on several occasions, it decided to try to “copy it”. In this case not on the main social network, but on Instagram, one of the most used networks in the world and possibly more popular than Facebook today.

Function is in testing and should not arrive anytime soon

In response to this revelation, a Facebook spokesman says the function is, in fact, being tested internally. However, there is no provision for possible implementation.

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