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Instagram Will Have New Functionality to Limit “Sensitive Content”

instagram sensitive content

Instagram is possibly one of the applications that more news has received over the last few years, proving the commitment of its entire team of developers, in offering users the best possible experience. Now, new information points to the arrival of a feature that will condition the presentation of “sensitive content”.

As has become a habit, the news was discovered by Jane Wong and was published on her Twitter account. Unfortunately, there are still not many details on how this new feature will work.

Instagram Could Become “Safer” for younger users

Wong did not find any more specific description of how this feature will actually work, but it is not too difficult to speculate. Apparently, it can arrive active by default, being necessary to disable it to have access to all the contents.

Even if it has not been confirmed, probably “sensitive content” will be all those with minimum levels of body exposure, violence or any other type of content that may affect more sensitive users. Depending on the rigidity levels applied by Instagram, it is possible that several types of accounts will be affected by this new functionality, such as models.

However, it is not yet clear how limited access to “sensitive content” will work. It is possible that they adopt a strategy similar to that of Twitter, which presents out-of-focus sensitive content, and it is necessary to authorize its presentation. On the other hand, they can literally filter all publications and simply not display them in users’ feeds.

As in the other situations in which we learn about features that are in the development stage, it is not yet known when this feature may be launched for users, or even if it will be implemented. I recall that currently, two more features are known that can reach Instagram at any time:

  • Incognito mode for DMs (Direct Messages)
  • Search section for “Brands and Famous”
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