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Instagram makes account recovery safer


Instagram has finally added an extra layer of security in recovering accounts. During 2018, the social network saw its users suffer constant attacks and have stolen accounts.

As such, Instagram is testing a system where the user can recover his account within the app, even if the attacker changes his information. The following images show you how the new social network recovery format works.


Imagine that your account is hacked and the attacker changes your password. It would be very difficult to recover your account in this way, without a password. With the new system, simply enter your email and mobile information to receive codes and recover your account.

You can still choose to log out of all devices where your account was, thus frustrating the attempts of any malicious individuals.

Instagram is testing the new function and is not yet available in the app. It should be available through an update over the coming weeks.

Instagram is also tackling the theft and sale of accounts

Attackers are also in the habit of stealing accounts with valuable brand-like usernames and celebrities. The intention is to sell accounts that collect thousands of followers or simply cause injury.

As such, Instagram said that it will soon block temporarily used usernames to prevent access to hackers. If an account with a certain username is deleted, that username will not be available immediately.

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