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In addition to the long-awaited dark mode, what else can I find from the iOS 13 update?

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Every year, iOS large-scale updates are the highlight of WWDC. Apple announced at the beginning of this year that the WWDC 2019 Developers Conference will be held on June 3. As far as the average user is concerned, everyone is most concerned about the three major system updates of iOS, macOS and watchOS.

The upcoming iOS 13, there are a lot of messages out there, in addition to the most vocal iOS dark mode, this time will also let the iPad have more freedom of multi-work screen mode through iOS 13 update. Also, the Apple Mail app will be enhanced in this version… a lot of updates.

Let’s sort out what new features are available in iOS 13.

Dark mode is finally coming

As early as February, Bloomberg said that Apple will add “dark mode” to iOS 13.

As you can see from the media 9to5Mac exposure map , iOS “dark mode” has 3 adjustment options. In addition to the normal light mode, Apple also offers a dark mode (dark gray background) and a pure black background.

At the same time, it can also be turned on automatically like the “Night View” function. As long as the user starts to start up by themselves, it is sufficient to set the opening time and closing time.

Bloomberg said that this feature is currently compatible with Apple’s own official applications, such as Apple Books, stocks, iTunes Store and Apple Music have supported dark mode.

However, if you encounter an app that has not been configured for dark mode, iOS will still open the app in normal Light mode mode.

In addition, the 9to5Mac figure also shows that the updated Apple Music player supports dark mode and also enters the horizontal screen playback, which is also an element not in the old version. Although it was not as good as Cover Flow, it was a bit new.

In the case of the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the dark mode can be extended to a more pure black interface to enhance the texture, while also reducing power consumption with the OLED screen properties. If it is true that Bloomberg speculates that Apple wants to open dark mode on iOS 13, it is really good news for fans who are looking forward to it.

Multi-processing interface supporting free action

9to5Mac revealed that after the iPad is updated to iOS 13, it will be replaced with a new multi-work processing method. It is similar to GitHub’s open source project, PanelKit . The iPad’s split screen function will have more freedom.

In the new version of the screen multi-work interface, there is no need to fix the application to a certain area of ​​the screen when the screen is divided, and there is no need to limit the number of applications every time the screen is divided. The updated iPad is free to move apps and put them in the right place.

Although, the usefulness of this feature is also limited by the size of the iPad screen. For larger iPads, the screen effect will naturally be better. But no matter which version of the iPad, the new multi-work screens can only be compared with the current ones. The new screens will have more flexibility and will be easier to use than the old ones.

Smarter mail application

The iOS in-app email app is the official app for this update.

News show , Apple iOS 13 will join the wisdom of updates, so that the message is automatically classified as “advertising”, “travel information” classified “information shopping” and “important message”, etc., the user can read the message according to the classification, at the same time You can also search for messages by category.

In addition, Apple will add the “Read Later” feature. This feature is actually used in third-party mail applications such as Spark and Astro. The official is only a supplement to this function.

In addition to mail sorting and “read later” features, Apple will also enhance the linkage between email applications and other applications, such as Apple’s own office applications such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Apple may add support and software to email applications. Interoperability makes it easier for users to work with these software.

There are not too many specific news to explain how Apple will adjust its functions to enhance the cooperation.

There are some minor updates…

In addition to the above 3 updates, Apple will have some minor updates.

For example, if the iPad on the iOS 13 system browses the webpage through Safari, Safari will automatically load it into the webpage mode on the desktop side to avoid many compatibility issues. Before this, there were a lot of users giving back. When using the iPad to open the YouTube web version, Safari was still opened in iPhone mode, which also made the usage worse.

Since Apple can change this mode in this version, the experience should be better. Especially for sites that are not optimized for the iPad, this approach seems to be a little better than using the iPhone model.

The font management of iOS will also be changed in this version. Users can find the font management page in the system settings. When the device finds that the font is missing, it will also remind the user.

In terms of gestures, Apple adds input undo and return gestures, and “undo” and “redo” by swiping left or right or three-finger tap. After the press conference, the API may be opened to third-party applications, and third-party input will also support these gestures.

In addition, Apple will optimize Siri to make it more resistant to interference and will not wake up in some strange sound environments. Keyboard input support has also been expanded, dictation supports more languages, iOS file extensions will also be added to print control… This will be part of the iOS 13 update.

WWDC 2019 is getting closer and closer, and more iOS 13 and new macOS and watchOS messages will surface. About a little while, we can know what changes Apple wants to make in this round of updates.

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