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IBM CEO: AI era, talent does not have to have a university degree

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AI work.” This sentence, which made people from all walks of life a few years ago, is now a cliché. Although AI technology has not yet developed enough to subvert the workplace ecology, the century-old technology giant IBM has not dared to neglect, claiming to create a “new collar” with a new training structure, in response to the arrival of the AI ​​era.

Industry 4.0 has begun, IBM CEO calls on companies to take action

IBM CEO Gini. Ginni Rometty called on the At Work Talent & HR forum at CNBC, Industry 4.0 is now in progress, and this change will be the most important challenge and opportunity in everyone’s life, from work, policy, From industry to economy, the world is changing.

According to estimates by the World Economic Forum, the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 will create a value of $100 trillion by 2025. Rometti predicts that in the next 5 to 10 years, AI will subvert all occupations and reshape the entire work structure.

IBM believes that AI will subvert all occupations within five to ten years.

Despite the change of distance, it seems that there is still some time. However, skills training and talent training are not a few things. Luomiti urges companies to start from three aspects: retraining, breaking the academic framework, and not necessarily having a university degree. Talents, thinking about how to make employees fit the work of the new era, and build a foundation for the company to sail smoothly in the AI ​​wave.

Breaking the academic framework, the “new leader” is about to be born

In response to the upcoming paradigm shift, IBM also offered countermeasures, and spent $1 billion to train employees to create a “new leader.” The “new leader” is the vocabulary that Romiti created for those who have the skills but no corresponding university degree. IBM is currently working on 500 training programs, abandoning academic bias, and aiming to create a “personal tool inclusive”. era”.

The new-collar work covers a wide range of topics, from developing applications in call centers to six-year training programs through P-Tech. At present, IBM has established a CTA apprenticeship alliance with the non-profit organization Consumer Technology Association to help American citizens train in the more than 20 states to meet the new era.

The CTA Apprenticeship Alliance focuses on rapidly emerging technologies and fields, providing 15 training structures including software engineering, data science and analysis, security, creative design and program management. One of the goals of the alliance is to break the academic myths and find those who have the skills but no beautiful qualifications. From the new professionals to the half-way technicians, they can be the new leader in IBM.

Now that talent has become a scarce resource, Rometi suggests that regardless of size, companies should incorporate “consumerism” into the human resources model, which is what she realized at IBM. As consumerism advocates, consumption will drive economic growth. This phrase means that companies should dare to invest in talents, and their efforts in human resources will be rewarded and bring positive development to the company. She concluded, “The global corporate response needs to be more sensitive and understand that manpower is a strategic renewable asset.”

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