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Huawei’s Android alternative to arrive earlier than expected


According to the Global Times newspaper , Huawei’s new operating system may be released in August or September of this year . This information thus contradicts previous data that the alternative to Android would only come in the last quarter of the year.

Huawei operating system to be known as Oak OS outside China

The same source also notes that the operating system of Huawei will be known as Oak OS, outside China. Already in its home market, the same software will be called HongMeng OS. This clarifies the existence of both names registered in the competent authorities.

The sources of this publication further claim that Huawei has been working hard on the development of this new software. This last point can be seen as a response to the recent concerns of Google regarding this alternative to Android.

Google sees potential problems in Huawei’s operating system

Very recently, Google has expressed concern about the new Oak OS. Eminent of losing access to Android in August, Huawei would be accelerating the development of its alternative.

This scenario could lead to some security holes left in the Huawei operating system. These flaws could therefore prove to be potential threats to the national security of any country where such software was used.

Conflict with US accelerated development of Huawei operating system

It seems that this new operating system was already being developed since 2012. This was seen as a precautionary measure for a possible loss of access to Google’s software.

This concern came to an end sooner than expected. As such, Huawei has been forced to accelerate the development of its operating system.

It is important to note that, for the time being, we do not yet have concrete data on what this operating system will look like. It is said that it will be compatible with Android applications. If it is not possible to use Google services, the Chinese are expected to resort to Aptoide as an alternative to the Play Store.

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