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Huawei Took The Lead, China’s Smart Phone “3” Sales Exceeded Samsung For The First Time

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South Korean media North Korea Daily reported on the 18th that market research firm Strategy Analytics (SA) pointed out that last year South Korea’s Samsung Electronics’ sales in the smart phone market fell 5.4% year-on-year to 73.24 billion US dollars, falling into the main reason for the sale of the Galaxy S9 last year. Note 9 sales are sluggish, and among the top 5 smart phone manufacturers in the world, only Samsung is the manufacturer whose sales volume and sales are shrinking.

Compared with the shrinking sales of Samsung smart phones, China’s three major smart phone manufacturers (Huawei, OPPO, vivo) have launched high-priced models in Europe and China, boosting sales in addition to low-cost models. The total sales of smart phones in the three major manufacturers increased by 35% year-on-year to US$19.928 billion, much higher than Samsung, and the total sales of China’s three major factories surpassed Samsung for the first time in history.

Among them, Huawei’s smart phone handset sales in China increased 62% year-on-year to US$46.468 billion. SA pointed out that “the gap between Huawei and Samsung is rapidly shrinking, and Huawei’s sales are expected to exceed Samsung this year.”

According to a survey report released by the survey company Counterpoint Technology Market Research on March 5, global smart phone shipments shrank 4% to 1,498.3 million in 2018, and annual shipments fell into the first place in history.

In terms of vendor shipments, Samsung’s shipments contracted by 8% to 291.8 million in 2018, ranking first with 19.5% market share; Apple’s iPhone shipments fell 4% to 200 million 6.3 million, the market share of 13.8% ranked second.

Compared with Samsung and Apple, the Chinese factory is performing well. Huawei’s shipments increased 34% to 25.3 million, with a market share of 13.7%, ranking third, almost flattening Apple; Xiaomi’s shipments increased 26% to 121 million. The market share is 8.1%, ranking 4th; OPPO is increasing 0.3% to 120.2 million, and the market share is 8.0%.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said in an interview with Japanese media in “MWC 2019” that shipments of Huawei smart phones will reach 250 million to 260 million in 2019, which will be compared with actual shipments in 2018 (about 200 million). ) grow 2-3 percent.

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