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Huawei: The US government overestimates its influence; has invited US media to visit the company.

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Sina Finance reported that China’s Huawei director and senior vice president Chen Lifang recently accepted an exclusive interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). For some countries facing pressure to be forced to use Huawei devices, she said that the series of actions taken by the US government have greatly interfered with Huawei’s normal business operations, but the United States has no factual basis, but instead influences other countries with public opinion. Government and people. She believes that the United States underestimates the internal unity of Huawei and overestimates its own influence. As of now, Huawei’s 5G commercial contracts are the most in the world, and 5G deployment and technology maturity are also leading; I believe that every country, whether it is Governments or businesses and consumers will choose based on their own interests, so there is no particular concern about this.

In addition, for the United States accused Huawei employees of stealing trade secrets of other companies, Chen Lifang said that Huawei has issued a statement denying the US government’s allegations and also believes that the court’s final hearing will reach the same conclusion, and Huawei will certainly take action. To protect your reputation, including the necessary legal measures. In addition, she mentioned that she wrote an open letter to the US media, inviting everyone to go to Huawei to take a look. Huawei will also open up research and development laboratories and technology presentations for everyone to see and see the real Huawei.

Speaking of 5G, Chen Lifang said that Huawei has been developing 5G since 2009. Up to now, it has invested more than 2 billion US dollars, has more than 2,500 patents, has more than 30 commercial contracts and shipped more than 40,000 base stations worldwide. She said that many operators have said that Huawei can save costs. In fact, it is technological innovation. Huawei’s 5G base station is light in weight and small in size. It only needs one person to install, no need for more manpower and no cranes.

According to Huawei’s estimation, every time a Huawei 5G base station is installed in Canada, it can save 10,000 US dollars. Chen Lifang said that the other 5G is also safer. Huawei is working on 5G R&D standards and technologies to encrypt data during transmission. This encryption capability can even resist future quantum computer attacks, and the user’s personal data should also be carried out. Encryption protection can effectively protect the pseudo base station or illegally intercept the user’s location information.

For the Meng Xiazhou case, Chen Lifang said that she and Meng Zhouzhou have been working with Huawei for 25 years, and praised Meng Zhouzhou as an excellent CFO. The US government’s behavior is the abuse of the judicial system. I believe the Canadian government is confident. Fair and independent, I believe that the Canadian judicial system will be able to handle the case openly, transparently, fairly and fairly.

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