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Huawei plans to expand its business and enter the automotive business


Much is said about Huawei and its smartphones, but the Chinese is much more than that. Technology is also an important name in the telecommunications market and a benchmark with respect to 5G.

Despite everything that goes on between Huawei and the US, the Chinese seems to want to extend its technological influence. The next step, according to a report from China, is to enter the automotive business.

Huawei wants to manufacture and sell car components

If you are already thinking about a car with Huawei brand, it is better to calm your spirits. That possibility is, for now, off the table, and the idea is to provide technology for them.


The focus will be on the development, production, and sale of intelligent automotive components and systems. In other words, Huawei’s influence in this market will remain under the hood, out of sight of drivers.

This foray into the development of components for smart cars is not completely unknown to Huawei. The company has previously been involved in some projects involving autonomous cars.

Speaking of autonomous cars, 5G is a key point for them to work perfectly. As Huawei is at the forefront in the development of this technology, it makes sense that it intends to extend its influence.

Huawei faces tough times

As everyone knows, the US sanctions imposed on Huawei have hampered the company’s expansion outside China. The most striking case is their smartphones, which are prohibited from using Google services.

Its influence on the implementation of 5G networks has also been lost in Western markets. With fears of collusion with the Chinese government, several countries have already decided to ban Chinese infrastructure from their telecommunications networks.

If Huawei actually enters the automotive business, we will see if it will not suffer the same consequences described above. Something that only time will tell us.

Pooja Kaintura
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