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Huawei operating system to be much faster than Android


According to the progress of the Global Times publication, Huawei’s HongMeng OS or Ark OS will be 60% faster than Android . These numbers will be the result of the first tests performed on the Chinese operating system, according to sources from one of China’s largest operators.

These numbers are impressive, in case they are actually true. Creating an alternative to Android alone is not easy. But developing something that gives us this increase in performance is even more to be lauded.

Huawei will be working closely with Xiaomi, Oppo and others to test the HongMeng OS

The same sources also point out that HongMeng OS is being tested by some of Huawei’s direct competitors. Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo are some of the companies involved in this process.

This will have been one of the ways found by Huawei to accelerate the development of its operating system. In the eminence of losing access to Android. the Chinese have been forced to devise an alternative to Google’s operating system.

HongMeng OS could arrive in October

Recent information shows that HongMeng OS may hit the market in October. It will probably be a temporary exclusive of China and will equip low-end equipment. It will be a kind of test.

In case things go well, then the rest of the world markets should also have access to this software. Getting users to forget Android will not be an easy task, but Huawei is determined to reverse that belief.

Without apps it will be very difficult to steal users from Android. In that sense, it has already been mentioned that HongMeng OS will be compatible with all Android applications. Another step is to persuade programmers to bring their applications to the Chinese app store (AppGallery). See, the extent to which these efforts will be rewarded.

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