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Huawei Mate 40 Pro may have a Rear Touch Screen


Huawei recently registered a somewhat bizarre patent. It is a secondary screen around the device’s camera module. The Letsgo Digital created renders based on patent documents, suggesting that the first mobile phone brand with this novelty may be the coming Kill 40 Pro.


This touch panel surrounds the rear cameras and appears to be aimed at various functions. In the images, we see that the user can read message notifications around the circle, as well as adjust the volume of the mobile phone and still answer calls.

Another image shows the “ring” of the touch screen to be used as a notification light, alarm or even as a clock. According to the patent, the ring will also be used to scroll through internet pages or to read a digital book.


Interesting in theory, but an impractical addition

Truth be told, it doesn’t seem like a very practical way to handle the phone, via a rear touchscreen. The only situation that occurs would be with the mobile phone resting on it, so that the user is not distracted by the main screen, and can respond quickly.

However, considering that the loudspeaker is located on the front of the phone, the user still has to turn the device to speak. Thus, this concept seems impractical in these functions.

Secondary screen can be useful in controlling cameras or other functions

Perhaps Huawei will apply the secondary touchscreen as a way to control camera functions without interfering with the interface. Imagine a camera viewfinder without an interface where everything is controlled by the rear screen, from zoom to touch focus.

It is too early to say anything about the Mate 40 Pro. However, considering that the Mate line is usually experimental, it is no wonder that Huawei tries to implement something different.

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