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Huawei invests in technology to combat COVID-19


Huawei has announced that it is offering resources to the Indian government to help combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Huawei India CEO Jay Chen says the company is working on solutions that can help the country fight the pandemic, with the knowledge gained from the situation in China.

One solution would be to implement technology to remotely monitor temperatures. It would be applied through thermal sensors connected to a 5G network. This was supposedly one of the measures used in China to contain COVID-19.

This technology can monitor the temperature of people and objects in real time. This idea seems to come out of a science fiction film, but we know that China is not shy when it comes to exploiting technology to the maximum, even if it seems unethical.

Jay Chen, president of Huawei in India

Implementation of 5G in India would be one of the measures to be considered

In addition to monitoring temperatures, Huawei plans to move forward with the rapid implementation of 5G in India. One of the applications would be in high quality videoconferences, where doctors can diagnose or even treat patients remotely, without the risk of contagion.

However, India’s Telecommunications department has not yet started running tests on 5G. In fact, the testing phase for implementation was supposed to start in March. The department had already met with several telecom operators to start a more concrete plan.

Unfortunately, the quarantine blew those plans away for now. Who knows, perhaps with a massive investment from Huawei, the Indian government and departments will consider accelerating the plans.

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