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Huawei Honor 10X is a Smartphone that Will Win You Over!


Huawei remains strong in launching new smartphones. This time it will be its sub-brand, Honor, which will bring a new device with the name of Huawei Honor 10X.

If you remember correctly, the “X” on Honor smartphones means a seriously competitive price / quality device. Usually, we had terminals that saved on some material, however, we do not think that this Huawei Honor 10X does it.

So will the Huawei Honor 10X

Huawei Honor 10X

With the photograph of the smartphone also arrived with some details of its specifications. Still, it is worth looking first at the construction material and design of the terminal.

We will have a device built in glass and a triple rear camera. The main camera will be 64MP, that is, this Honor 10X should bring a photo considerably better than any other “X” from Honor.

We will also have a hole in the screen at the top left for the front camera. It seems that Huawei has given up on pop-up cameras and has followed the trend to “stick” the screen for this feature.

The screen will be OLED by BOE. This means that the contrast will be more intense and that you will save more autonomy with your update. The OLED screen will also give the possibility to introduce the biometric sensor embedded in the screen. Something that will happen in this Honor 10X.

Some features of Huawei Honor 10X

  • Kirin 820 processor
  • OLED screen
  • Biometric sensor on the screen
  • 64MP main camera (3 total)
  • 20W fast charging

Huawei Honor 10X should arrive in Portugal

This Honor 10X is expected to arrive in Portugal officially. We still don’t know the values, however, the X range has always looked at this parameter closely. Therefore, a terminal with a competitive value is expected.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Huawei (or Honor) is still unable to install Google services on its equipment. That is, this Honor 10X will arrive without Google Play Store and without Google Apps. It will be possible to install via APK – as has been the case with Huawei smartphones – however, it is not the best solution for all users.

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