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Huawei founder says Google will lose 800 million users


The news about Huawei and its blacklisting in the United States continues to emerge in great volume. Once we learn that Micron has sent back components to the Chinese manufacturer, new statements from the founder of Huawei are making that talk.

In an interview with CNBC, Ren Zhengfei highlighted the great implications that these actions of the government of Donald Trump will have in American companies, more concretely in Google.

Google will suffer a lot with ‘goodbye’ to Huawei

Google knows that goodbye to Huawei will cause damage that is difficult to repair. For this reason, he has tried on several occasions to have the American government go back with his decision, without success until now.

Should Donald Trump continue to keep Huawei on its blacklist, which seems to be an unavoidable reality, the brand will have to jump to an alternative (operating system) that is not distributed by Google.

” Huawei and Google have always had their interests in tune, and if we can not integrate the Google ecosystem, they will lose 700-800 million users in the future ,” Zhengfei said.

Although Android is present in billions of smartphones around the world, certainly the ‘disappearance’ of all users with Huawei devices would have a very negative impact on Google.

Huawei already working on alternatives to Google’s Android

Huawei will launch its own operating system, Hongmeng OS, in China. Although everything indicates that they also have another version prepared for the international markets (Ark OS), it seems that it is not yet ready to reach the public.

As an alternative, the latest rumors have indicated talks between Huawei and Russia for the purchase of a modified version of the popular Sailfish OS .

Regarding the replacement of the Google Play Store, it appears that the Chinese manufacturer may be able to reach an agreement with the popular European app store , Aptoide.

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