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Huawei CEO wants to have Google services on his smartphones again


The CEO of Huawei’s mobile segment, Richard Yu, said in the recent interview with Wired that they are fighting to make it possible to have Google services on Huawei smartphones again.

Huawei was prevented from bringing Google services on its smartphones after the US government’s decision to ban all companies in the country from doing business with Huawei.

Huawei and Google have always been “good business partners”

Huawei Richard Yu on Google services on their smartphones

In the interview, Richard Yu, mentioned that Huawei and Google have always been good business partners and that it is not only Huawei that is losing with this ban.

Richard Yu referred to Google as “ very good partners. ” He went on to say that “ we hope to obtain a license from the US government. We are open. In the interest of the value of these American companies, they should (give the license) … I hope they can give us the license. ”

I recall that Huawei requested a special license from the American government so that American manufacturers could do business with Huawei. For now, the biggest concern is Google.

As much as Android is “Open Source” and Huawei is still able to use Google’s operating system, the Asian company is not allowed to use its services.

In addition, it has been reported that Google is beginning to ban the installation of Google services on “non-certified” smartphones, that is, smartphones that leave the market without the Google services installed.

U.S. government could make life even harder for Huawei

However, Donal Trump, President of the United States of America, is thinking about making Huawei’s life even more complicated. According to previous information, the US is considering further restricting the level of business that Huawei may have with American companies.

That is, TSCM, a company that makes components for Huawei’s processors, may also be prohibited from making components for Huawei. This will pose a serious problem for the Asian brand, as there is still no solution for these components. That is, Huawei may even be unable to manufacture smartphones if Donald Trump wakes up in a bad mood. We’ll see!

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