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How to Open Instagram Conversations on Your PC


The phrase “Sliding into your DMs” now has more meaning. Through Twitter, Instagram announced the possibility of responding to conversations on the social network through the PC. Until now, it was only possible to do so on mobile operating systems. So you can now see your messages on the desktop version of the social network.

Although most use it on the phone, Instagram on the desktop can be useful, where it contains some of the most basic functions, including viewing stories. Users will be able to open the message box, reply to them and Stories and send photos in conversations. All of this through the PC.


This news started to be sent to the desktop version of the site today. Therefore, you should already have it available in your account, if you open Instagram on your PC. It is certainly a good way to boost interaction with other platforms.

WhatsApp already has something similar with WhatsApp Web. This platform allows you to read and reply to WhatsApp messages on your PC. Although not as complete, this version of Instagram with messages could be improved in the future.

Facebook introduced a mode of silence

On the other side of the same company, we have Facebook, which is implementing a silence mode in its mobile app. This allows you to schedule times when notifications are silent, where you are not bothered by anything. The function is slowly being sent to users.

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