How to locate the Android phone and the iPhone? Here are the best options!

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For lapse, forgetfulness, theft, or robbery, losing your smartphone is one of the worst feelings, but luckily there are several ways to locate Android and iOS phones. Here are the most effective ways to find your device, free and fast.

If you want to activate the alert tone, see the location of the device, or block access to it and erase the data (especially in case of theft), Google, Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers provide adequate means to do so.

How to locate Android phone

Google Find my device
Google’s “Find my device” service on your computer.

After leaving home without a smartphone, I turned on the computer and was able to locate my device for free with Google’s Find my device service.

This tool provides the location of an Android phone and three control actions:

  1. Play Sound – The device plays for 5 minutes, even if it is in silent mode.
  2. Protect Device – Lock your device and sign out of your Google account.
  3. Erase Device – Erase the entire contents of the device.

1 . The first option can be used to find the phone if you are lost at home, activating the ringtone regardless of the sound profile. You can remotely activate the alert tone and stop ringing.

2 . The second option locks the phone and logs out of the user’s Google accounts. Additionally, we can define a message or phone number that will appear on the lost phone’s lock screen.

3. The third option erases all content on the device. A more radical measure that, once completed, makes it impossible to locate the mobile phone. Its use should be avoided, as a last resort, and the previous options are exhausted.

Available on computer or Android app

Google’s location and tracking tool is available for computers and Android mobile devices. It is a good way to find your phone, free and with good results as long as the mobile device is turned on.

We can thus locate a tablet, smartwatch or other Android smartphone, as long as you are registered with an active Google account. However, if you run out of battery, are turned off and / or have no Internet access, you will not be able to use these options.

Google’s “Find your phone” service is available via your computer, in addition to the dedicated ” Find my Google device ” app, free on the Play Store.

Locate Samsung phone

Samsung find my mobile
Samsung’s “Find my Mobile” service is available for computers and via the app.

Samsung is the largest manufacturer to adopt Android as the operating system for their smartphones, having its own platform to locate its products. It is free and available via computer and Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung’s “Find My Phone” service allows you to perform the following actions:

  1. Locate Samsung phone – tracks the approximate location and route of the lost device.
  2. Lock the screen . Blocks the Samsung mobile phone and prevents the use of Samsung Pay on the lost mobile device.
  3. Make the mobile device ring . The phone will ring at maximum volume for 1 minute.
  4. Back up data. The device is backed up to the Samsung Cloud.

“Find my Mobile” is available for computers, in addition to being present in the definitions of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and other mobile devices of the South Korean giant.

In addition to the options listed above, the user can also unlock the screen of their Samsung devices if, for example, they have forgotten their password, PIN, fingerprints, pattern and iris.

How to use Samsung’s Find my Mobile

  • Access Settings on Samsung Galaxy
  • Access the “Biometric data and security” menu
  • Touch and enter “Find my mobile” (Find my Mobile)
  • Select the switch and turn on the service (On)
  • Enter Samsung account details
  • You can also sign in to your Samsung account from your computer

Samsung goes further and offers “Offline Finding” that allows you to find a lost Samsung Galaxy using “helpers”, other Samsung devices that will help to share the location of the lost phone.

How to locate iPhone

Apple provides its own tool to locate the iOS phone, as well as other devices from the Cupertino giant, provided they are properly registered. Just have your Apple account credentials to use the platform.

Through the iOS app and “Find iPhone” service through the browser, you can take the following actions:

  1. Locate the iPhone. The approximate location of your Apple phone is shown on the map.
  2. Issue an alert. The iPhone will play an alert tone to help you locate the device if they are nearby.
  3. Mark as lost. iPhone will display a user-defined phone contact so that, if someone finds it, it knows who to call. The device will now be remotely locked.
  4. Erase remotely. Remotely erases all iPhone data, formatting it.

1 . We are presented with the location of the iPhone on the map, also working for other Apple devices. We advise you to keep the “offline location” option enabled, because that way, even if your phone has no Wi-Fi or data connection, it can still be found.

2 . The audible alert can be useful to find an iPhone lost at home, or forgotten in a drawer. Regardless of the equipment’s sound profile, an alert will be played to help you locate your smartphone.

3. If you suspect theft, have suffered a theft, or have effectively lost your iPhone, this mode will lock your phone. The security number will be displayed on the screen so that an eventual benefactor knows who to contact. This mode prevents the Apple Pay system from being used, in addition to restricting access to the mobile device, shielding your personal information.

4. Ultimately, you can wipe the device remotely. This will ensure that data is deleted from the iPhone, is the inexorable way to prevent unauthorized access to your data, from photos in the gallery to Apple Pay cards.

Available on computer or iOS app

Apple’s tracking and tracking tool is available for computers and iOS mobile devices. Its use is free, allowing you to find the devices associated with the Apple account through the browser or through another iPhone, for example.

To use this Apple tool just follow the steps indicated:

  • Access the iCloud website by the browser and log in.
  • Select the “Find iPhone” option and choose the desired device

From there you can use the options listed above, or find another device that is connected to your Apple account. Note that in addition to mobile phones it is also possible, for example, to locate Mac computers.

3 useful apps for locating mobile phone

1. Locate my Google device. The application helps you locate your Android phone, whether it is under a pillow, or lost on the street. Data processing, privacy, and security functions are the greatest assets of the free application.

2. My Family’s GPS tracker. Thanks to GPS location, the app for Android and iOS can check the position in real-time of each smartphone where it is installed. It has security protocols and can be used to locate a lost phone.

3. Life360 – Family Locator and Cell Phone. GPS tracking is the biggest asset of the app for Android devices and can be used to locate a lost or stolen phone. It has a simple and intuitive interface, being focused on the family.

We alert you to the fact that there are thousands of applications that promise to locate your phone, but few guarantee privacy and respect for user data. That said, we highlight the selected apps after checking their privacy policy.

The importance of IMEI

IMEI is the unique digital code associated with each mobile device. It is a set of 15 numbers that identify each cell phone, so it is a code that must be registered and kept by the user for future reference.

Although it is not possible to locate a cell phone through IMEI, we can know if a device has already had an owner, or if it has been lost. You can find the IMEI in the smartphone box and on the device itself, under Settings.

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