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Tech Challenges In 2019


Falling behind with the latest trends in the business world is a death sentence for any company. Customers will start to look at your business and realize that it’s not the latest brand. Instead, you will begin to seem old fashioned, outdated and lacking style. You will also probably struggle to maintain the same level of efficiency as other companies. As such, you will be delivering a poorer level of service to your customers. This is often true due to the fact that the latest trends evolve around the use of tech. Technology makes everything faster, more fluid and effective.

Lately, one of the main areas where there have been massive changes is sales and supplies. It’s true to say that a lot of businesses a struggling to keep up with the improvements. You need to make sure your company isn’t one of the them.

Cloud Tech

Cloud technology has taken off over the last few years with most businesses now latching onto the idea. Companies can use cloud tech for a wide range of different jobs including inventory management. With cloud servers setup business owners and store managers can check their inventory remotely. They always know how much stock they have in the warehouse, on the shop floor and out for delivery. This means there is virtually no chance that there is an unplanned shortage in supply. As such, companies can always make sure they have exactly what customers want or need.

Fast Deliveries

Businesses are always looking for ways to boost the speed and efficiency of their deliveries. Amazon is leading the charge with the latest tech in this area. Just a few months ago Amazon successfully delivered their first package with an automated drone. Incredibly, the whole process required virtually no human interaction. The drone was picked up and followed a set route to the destination. Once the package was delivered, it returned to the depot. Is it possible that more companies could use this type of tech for deliveries in the future? If you look at drone sellers such as Coptrz, you’ll find that they are already preparing for this possibility. In just five years, most sellers might be using drones for deliveries.

Right now though, we may have to stick with other ways of improving deliveries such as tracking. It is becoming more unacceptable for businesses not to offer tracking on products. Customers want to know exactly where a product is and always have it in their sight.

Contactless Payments & No Checkouts

Are contactless payments the future? No contactless payments are the present. Although right now these payments often have caps on how much you can spend, soon that won’t be the case. Developers are looking for ways to make payments more secure and suitable for larger transfers of money. This is going to be vital with new plans to allow customers to buy as they walk around stores. It will limit the need for a full team of staff in retails stores and shops. Instead, there will only be a few individuals and most of the processes during the sale will be automated. Bad news for workers but great for businesses that want to save money.

Are you prepared for these new supply sales trends in your business? Or, are you already falling behind?

Shivam Singh
Founder of the TechGrits, has always looked at technology as a piece of knots. From an early age connected to the technological world, this is literally your dream job.

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