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How the Widgets on the iPhone with iOS 14 Can Work

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With the launch of iOS 14, Apple will finally be able to give its users the ability to use widgets. Something that has always been present on Android and that iPhone users have been asking for for a long time.

Given these rumors. it was not long before a concept of this novelty was created. The idea is from Parker Ortolani, marketing director at Buzzfeed and shows concretely how widgets can behave on an iPhone.

For Ortolani, this addition may provide users with three different forms of interaction. In all cases, we will have options that will provide us with a faster interaction with the applications.

Widgets, as you would expect, look and function very similar to what already exists when you pull the home screen all the way to the right. In other words, Apple will only be able to take the existing concept and extend it.

Android remains superior in this chapter

The arrival of widgets with iOS 14 is not yet certain, so we still have no way of knowing how they will work for sure. The concept presented here is just an idealization of how everything can be.

iOS widgets

In any case, we see a possibility of customization still short of Android. We will continue to not be able to place icons and widgets wherever we feel like, being limited to their traditional form of presentation.

In addition, the smaller screen size of an iPhone limits the number of possibilities. In the case of the iPad, where we have a larger screen, this feature may prove to be more advantageous.

iOS 14 expected to be unveiled in June

It is Apple’s habit to save the announcement of its new software for WWDC, which usually takes place in June. This year, we will not have a conference as in previous years, but the American is studying how to do it online.

The big star of this event will be iOS 14. There we will get to know all its news, with widgets being the most expected addition by users.

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