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How is this start-up revolutionizing the eyewear industry of the United Kingdom

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The eyewear market in the UK: Nearly 69% of people in the United Kingdom wear eyeglasses. However, the prices for basic eyeglasses in the UK are too much for a commodity as essential as eyeglasses. This is the only reason why most of the UK population is not able to afford more than one or two specs online. However, this one start-up in Manchester is striving hard to make eyeglasses affordable enough to make them rise from the bar of mere equipment for correction of optical defects to an intimate fashion accessory. 

Everything loveable about Specscart

It was a young boy with broken glasses in Manchester who realised that the eyewear industry of the state needs a revolution to make eyeglasses affordable for all. Specscart is a recent start-up in the eyewear industry of the United Kingdom that has quickly gained a huge fanbase for its different services, affordable prices, and patient and cooperative customer care team. Here are a few reasons to love Specscart:

  1. Trendy collection

Oversized glasses, thick rim geometric glasses, lightweight, thin rim metal glasses, sassy cat-eye glasses, tinted transparent glasses, tortoiseshell glasses, blue light glasses, wooden glasses, flat top-line glasses – Specscart displays a wonderful range of eyeglasses from the latest collection of the season.

2. Affordable prices

One thing that makes Specscart stand out is its surprisingly affordable price range. Where on the one hand you must spend 80-250 pounds to get a regular pair of good quality glasses in the UK, the website offers glasses for every budget bracket, starting at just 29 pounds.

3. Free home trial

If you find yourself confused between a few pairs of glasses or you’re not sure if the glasses will suit your personality or the quality is as good as the brand claims, you can choose up to four pairs and avail the free home trial on glasses service provided by the brand.

4. Impressive packaging

Another thing that makes people want to shop more from the brand is its fascinating packaging. You receive your glasses in a convenient and sturdy lens case to keep your lenses safe. They also provide complementary microfibre cloth and an antibacterial lens cleaning solution. The packet also includes a mini screwdriver chain if you need to make any minor adjustments in the hinges.

5. Premium quality glasses and frames

As mentioned above, this start-up offers glasses at reasonable prices, without compromising on the quality. The acetate glasses are highly flexible, sturdy, and durable, as compared to conventional plastic. Their glasses are designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and hypoallergenic. You also get a year-long corrosion-free warranty for the metal hinges of their frames.

6. Complementary coatings

High-quality protective coatings from the UK market can be very heavy on your pocket. However, Specscart provides them for free on every pair of glasses that you buy from them. While the anti-glare and anti-UV coatings protect your eyes against light damage, the anti-scratch and impact-resistant layers ensure the durability of the lenses.

7. Rocket delivery

Glasses ordered online can take up to 5 days to be delivered at your doorstep. That means you have to live with blurry eyesight for more than 4-5 days! Don’t worry as you can avail the same day dispatch service by Specscart where they deliver your glasses within 24 or 48 hours of placing the order.

8. Free eye test

While regular eye tests are crucial for the health of your eyes, an elaborate exam by an expert can be costly in the state. Specscart, on the other hand, provides free eye tests conducted by experienced optometrists at their stores in Walkden and Bury.

9. Free returns

Though the brand manufactures excellent quality glasses if you feel dissatisfied with the material or the fit or simply any reason, you can return them back within 30 days of the purchase and get the full amount refunded. No questions asked!

10.Weekly blogs

Specscart’s website also features a blog section, so when you go to buy glasses online, you can read through some information about eyewear trends and eye health. They post informative and engaging blogs on different niches like fashion, lifestyle, health, and entertainment once or twice a week.

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