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Houseparty: this app is your best friend during quarantine

houseparty app

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many users are “forced” to stay at home, either in quarantine or in social isolation. Faced with this limitation, users are looking for interesting ways to keep in touch with friends and family, and that’s where apps like Houseparty come into play.

This application is in first place in the most downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and it is not for less. Houseparty allows you to video chat with several friends, while they can perform quizzes and drawing games.


Your friends receive a notification whenever they arrive “home”

Houseparty is defined as a “face to face social network”. Whenever a friend of yours goes online, you receive a notification saying that he has arrived “home”, so that they can start chatting. The same happens whenever you open the application.

Games are a big help right now, and apps like WhatsApp help you to always be communicable with those you love the most. And with Houseparty, you have the best of both worlds.

This is a free application and is available for both iOS and Android. Stay closer to your friends, make conversations a party, without having to leave the house at this difficult time.

Download Houseparty for Android

Download Houseparty for iOS

Pooja Kaintura
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