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Honor promises a 5G smartphone by the end of this year


Honor president, Huawei’s sub-brand, has promised to interview his first 5G smartphone later this year. To be more precise, George Zhao reveals that the brand will launch this equipment in the last quarter of this year . That is, somewhere between October and December 2019.

This executive did not open much about the details of Honor’s first 5G smartphone. It is thus to know in which segment of market will be inserted this new equipment and still if the same will be commercialized all over the world.

Price of Honor’s first 5G smartphone should be appealing

Honor has always stood out from its competitors for the practice of usually lower prices. As such, the brand president confirms that this new equipment will continue to follow this trend.

Although without advancing with numbers, the promise is that this product will be more affordable than those already presented. For comparison purposes, the Huawei 5G smartphones that have already been introduced have four-digit prices. We have the Huawei Mate X with a value of € 2299 and the Mate 20 X 5G to be around the € 1000.

But will this Honor 5G be sold outside China?

Huawei’s recent troubles with the US are also affecting Honor. All the impositions and cuts of relations imposed on Chinese technology have exactly the same effect on their sub-brand.

Mirror of these impositions is already the doubt about the launch of Honor 20 Pro in Europe. According to recent reports, this top of the range was not able to receive the official certification of Google. This means that if the smartphone is sold in Europe, it will arrive without the North American applications and services.

This is the same scenario that the first Honor 5G smartphone expects. If the prohibitions imposed by the US government are not lifted until they are presented, they will also not have access to Google services. An absence that will make this equipment less appealing to markets than China.

Despite these setbacks, Honor is confident of its future outside of China

The absence of Google’s services could be a turning point for Honor’s aspirations in Europe and other markets. Still, its president is confident in this success.

In an interview, George Zhao reveals his hope that Honor will raise its revenues by 50% in markets outside of China. It is precisely the markets that will suffer the most if the cut of relations with Google remains.

In any case, the first 5G smartphone of the Huawei sub-brand will have little influence on these results. Above all, the infrastructure supporting this technology is still in full implementation phase. Portugal, for example, will only announce its plans for 5G in September.

So it is expected that the majority of revenue earned by Honor come from their 4G smartphones. But if the limitations that Huawei / Honor have encountered recently remain, this ambition can prove to be quite difficult to achieve.

Pooja Kaintura
Pooja Kaintura is Managing Editor at TechGrits. Unconditional fan of technology and culture wants to share the knowledge acquired with everyone.

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