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Honda is phasing out diesel in the UK, soon the same in France?

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Honda halted the marketing of its diesel-powered vehicles in the United Kingdom to strengthen its electrification strategy.

The Japanese manufacturer has decided to electrify its entire European range from 2022 when the deadline initially planned to achieve this was set at 2025. This decision precipitates that of stopping the production of diesel vehicles.

The i-DTEC is no longer sold across the Channel

In the UK, the only Honda model sold with a diesel engine was the brand’s small SUV named HR-V. The 1.5-liter i-DTEC was still finding a public, but Honda no longer has any interest in developing this engine block or even selling it, while the accelerated strategy will force it to be abandoned in the coming months.

“Honda has accelerated the electrification plans for all of its European models by moving the deadline from 2025 to 2022, and our gasoline-powered hybrid technology will play a key role in achieving this goal,” said a spokesperson for the brand.

“In fact, we plan to halt diesel engine production in Europe at the end of 2022. However, on a local scale such as the UK, we have now halted the sale of diesel cars.”

Only one model still available in diesel in France

This decision will certainly be emulated in the national branches of Honda on the Old Continent, and France could soon take this turn as well.

Today, only the Honda Civic is still sold with a diesel engine in France and although this choice remains in the catalog after the restyling of the small sedan, it is no longer this engine that is reaping the favors of the public. At Honda as elsewhere, gasoline is more popular, especially as the Civic displays reasonable fuel consumption and emissions in its 1.0-liter three-cylinder version.

The arrival of the CR-V Hybrid last year was the brand’s first step towards electrification, especially since the SUV is no longer sold in an electrified version today. The Honda-e also marked the manufacturer’s first steps in the 100% electric market; the anticipated abandonment of diesel, therefore, seems to be a continuation of these decisions.

Source: Honda, EVBite

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