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Hackers discover microphone hidden in Lidl’s kitchen robot (video)


The challenge proposed to Alexis Viguié and Adrien Albisetti was to install a game on Lidl’s kitchen robot. In the midst of the challenge, the two computer enthusiasts were confronted with a microphone hidden inside the device.

Both were challenged by a friend to install the game Doom, at Monsieur Cuisine Connect. This is a kitchen robot exclusive to Lidl stores, being a cheaper option of the popular Bimby. In addition to the hidden microphone, they were confronted with an operating system that has not been updated since 2017.

To verify the operation of the microphone, the two computer users published a video where they talk to each other through the platform Discord. This is a platform used by players to talk to each other.

The kitchen robot is sold with Android 6.0

Despite the discovery, Adrien Albisetti told the Spanish newspaper El Pais that he “does not believe Lidl” “wants to spy on them”. Although he praised the robot’s operation, he believes that having outdated software – Android 6.0 – and a microphone is a major vulnerability.

Second, Albisetti access to the microphone only happens when the device is on. So that no one with bad intentions seizes the device, it alerts the users of the robot so they do not forget to turn it off after each use.

monsier cuisine connect

Lidl does not mention the microphone on the robot’s website or instructions

Lidl’s marketing manager in France, Michel Biero, assures that the microphone “is totally inactive”. This was placed in the robot in the event that it was to be used in conjunction with the virtual assistant Alexa. However, Lidl makes no mention of the microphone on your site or in the robot’s instructions.

Lidl Portugal source told Jornal de Notícias that the device “was equipped with a standard tablet containing a microphone. However, “it is disabled on the software side and can not be enabled by clients.” This reiterates that it has been introduced into the device for “other functions where a microphone may be required”

Monsieur Cuisine Connect is not for sale in Portugal

The robot in question was designed in Germany, produced in China and has a touch screen, connecting to the internet in order to discharge the revenues. It is on sale in countries like France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.

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