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Gwangyang waits for 20 years to enter the Indian market


Kymco has recently been actively involved in the Indian market, and has further cooperated with the local electric vehicle new 22Motors to establish a new brand 22KYMCO. Ke Shengfeng, Chairman of Gwangyang, shared the strategy of Gwangyang in India and how to use electric vehicles to enter the Indian market.

The Indian government has vigorously promoted electric vehicles and invested a large amount of budgetary subsidies, and set a target of banned fuel locomotives in 2025. Ke Shengfeng believes that India is a very promising electric vehicle market. After the improvement of infrastructure, India’s electric motor car has become more feasible. Together with the government’s help, electric vehicles have become a hot topic in the local area. Ke Shengfeng declared that Gwangyang is currently the first and only brand in India to actively invest in electric motor vehicles. He pointed out that there is no big locomotive brand to invest in electric vehicles in India. Therefore, Gwangyang and the new brand of electric motor car 22KYMCO, which is cooperating with the local newcomers, have received considerable attention.

Ke Shengfeng said that in addition to selling electric motors in India, Gwangyang is more important to establish the Ionex vehicle network in India. Whether or not to build a complete charging and replacement infrastructure will be the next challenge for Gwangyang. Considering the market characteristics of India, Gwangyang will set up artificial power exchanges. Currently, among the six Indian cities that promote the Ionex vehicle network, there will be 40 charging and replacing facilities in each city, 14 of which are energy exchange stations, 26 It is a manual power station.

▲ Gwangyang established a new brand 22KYMCO in India

Ke Shengfeng pointed out that one of the most important purposes of the Ionex car network is to use the electric car as a strategic weapon to enter the market where the fuel car could not enter in the past. India is the first target of this strategy. In the past, Gwangyang observed the Indian market for more than 20 years but could not enter the door. Now it has finally used the Ionex vehicle network to enter the Indian market, and also allows the fuel car products to enter. India, Ke Shengfeng believes that this is a considerable breakthrough.

Ke Shengfeng said that compared with the rapid development of electric motor vehicles in Taiwan, many countries have not made much progress, so there is a greater chance of entering the market of commercial vehicles, and Gwangyang will start from this aspect in the future. In addition to India, Gwangyang’s electric car will also develop into Europe with its original sales network. Ke Shengfeng said that he will target the Southeast Asian market. He believes that Gwangyang’s electric vehicles have great opportunities in Southeast Asia. Although it is not necessarily the same model as India, it is expected to make progress in 2019.

(Source: Gwangyang)

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