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Grab the Indian mobile phone market, Apple iPhone XR cut prices by 20%

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In order to grab the mobile phone market, Apple Inc. will lower the price of the entry-level flagship iPhone XR by up to 22% on the 5th. According to the senior executive of the Indian mobile phone industry, this is the first time Apple has lowered the price of the new flagship phone in India.

The Economic Times quoted three unnamed high-ranking executives from the Indian machine industry on the 4th. In the face of India’s fiercely competitive flagship smartphone market, Apple will reduce the price of the entry-level flagship iPhone XR by 18% on the 5th. twenty two%.

However, for the above news, Apple declined to comment.

These high-level executives said that Apple has never lowered the price of its new flagship mobile phone in India. In the past, it offered cash rebates, interest-free installments and old-for-new plans.

In the fierce competition and high import tariffs of the flagship iPhone, Apple has a 23% market share in India’s smart flagship mobile phone market, ranking third, and losing to the first South Korean Samsung (34% market share) With the second Chinese brand, OnePlus (33% market share), Apple has a big gap with the top two.

According to Apple’s planned iPhone XR price reduction in India, the 64GB version will be 57,990 rupees, and the 128GB version will be 64,090 rupees, 256GB version. For Rs. 79,000, although India still imposes a 20% tax on imported iPhones.

In addition, Apple also cooperated with Indian banks on the 5th to provide cash rebates and other benefits for iPhone XR, hoping to further stimulate sales.

The top three mobile phone executives said that the iPhone XR price was lowered by 18% to 22% in order to lower the price of the iPhone XR to the pricing level of the 2017 flagship model iPhone 8.

Under the competition of China’s smart phone brand’s main price/performance ratio (CP value), India’s local brands have been thrown out of the market, and even Apple’s market share in India in 2018 has dropped from 2.4% in 2017 to 1.2%. % or so.

In order to promote the sales in the Indian market, Apple not only absorbed the exchange rate fluctuations in the rupee depreciation but did not adjust the price in January. This time, the iPhone XR price of the flagship mobile phone was lowered for the first time, and it is hoped that at least the flagship machine market will be seized.

In addition, Apple has commissioned Wistron to build the iPhone 7 in Bangalore, hoping to strengthen its commitment to Make in India and leverage the sales profits of the iPhone 7 to strengthen marketing.

Foreign power has also recently reported that Hon Hai may test the iPhone X series flagship model in India within a few weeks. These actions represent Apple’s attempt this year to regain the lost market share in India through various layouts.

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