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Google suspends relations with Huawei. And now?


This week Donald Trump has signed an executive order prohibiting the use of any Huawei material in the US. The results of this measure are already beginning to make sense, with Google suspending part of its business with the Chinese giant.

According to Reuters, Google has suspended any deal with Huawei that does not involve open source licenses. This includes everything that refers to hardware and software.

As such, Huawei will lose immediate access to any updates made available to Android. In addition, future Chinese smartphones will no longer be able to use any Google service, including the Play Store.

The future of Huawei in the Android market is thus threatened

Reuters sources say the details of this suspension of relations are still being discussed internally. This means that Google has not yet decided concretely what it will deny to Huawei from now on, but if this decision is maintained, the future of the Chinese will be totally different.

On Huawei’s side, it is known that his lawyers are studying the real impacts of the order decreed by Donald Trump. Regarding this suspension of relations with Google, nothing was said on the part of Chinese technology.

What will be the future of Huawei after this decision?

The answer to this question still can not be given with exactness, but it does not seem at all encouraging. Even with the suspension ordered by Google, Huawei will be able to continue to use Android on their smartphones, if they want. After all, this operating system is open source and no one can prevent it from using it.

However, any technical support that has so far been provided by Google will no longer exist. And the same goes for Google services that, let’s face it, are quite important on any Android smartphone.

This leaves Huawei with the option of taking a different path. Rumors that the Chinese would be developing its own operating system seem to be the best alternative for the company’s future.

However, we do not know whether such claims actually have any real substance. And if they do, we do not know in what state of development this new software will be.

Suspicions of espionage are at the origin of the order decreed by Donald Trump

It should be noted that all these decisions were not taken without any reasoning. After all, what Donald Trump signed this week may well define the future of one of the world’s biggest smartphone sellers.

Donald Trump

Thus, at the origin of all this is suspected that Huawei is spying on its users at the request of the Beijing government. What many seem to believe is that the Chinese incorporates backdoors into their smartphones at the request of the Chinese executive.

This kind of allegations have had repercussions all over the world. Huawei has repeatedly denied such theories, but this does not seem to be enough to dispel any kind of mistrust in its practices.

This suspension ordered by Google, if it is never reversed, will have irreparable repercussions on Huawei’s business for the future. The implications of this decision are so serious that the future of China is now a real unknown.

Pooja Kaintura
Pooja Kaintura is Managing Editor at TechGrits. Unconditional fan of technology and culture wants to share the knowledge acquired with everyone.

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