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Google Stadia Game Streaming Service Debut This Year


At the Game Developers Conference on the 19th, Google finally announced that it will launch the long-awaited game streaming media service, supported by the streaming platform Google Stadia. In the future, players can play game console quality on Chrome, Android and TV. The game is over.

Although streaming music and video platforms are very common, streaming games are far more technically complex than the previous two. In addition to the input image, the picture must be very detailed, and it must accept the user input and provide millisecond delay. This may be the reason why the streaming game platform has not yet appeared.

In order to create a game platform for all players, this conference Google announced the launch of the streaming platform Google Stadia and set up a studio of the same name, the original “Assassin’s Dog” producer Jade Raymond as the studio director.

In terms of GPU computing speed, AMD’s GPUs can make Stadia up to 10.7 teraflops, compared to 6.0 teraflops for Xbox One X and 4.2 for PS4 Pro. Currently Stadia can support 4K, HDR and surround sound at 60fps. Future support to 8K resolution.

Through Stadia, after the player sees the game movie of interest on YouTube, click on the “Play now” link to enter the game within 5 seconds, just like streaming video, music content, all operations are performed by Google. The server is responsible for the game, players can enjoy the game without considering too much computer configuration.

Stadia supports PCs, laptops, TVs, tablets and mobile phones. Even devices like Pixelbook that don’t have hardware acceleration can be played under Chrome OS. Users can seamlessly switch between all devices and save progress. Play on TV. When Stadia works with Chromecast Ultra, players can use the existing joystick, mouse and keyboard operations, or use Google’s dedicated joystick to experience the full Stadia experience.

▲ Dedicated rocker designed by Google. (Source: Google Blog )

Stadia also supports cross-platform games from other hosts. Stadia is expected to be launched in 2019 and will initially debut in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. Game content and more details will be released this summer.

In the past few years, driven by e-sports and live broadcasts, the video game industry has continued to grow vigorously. Now, with the launch of game streaming services by technology giants, what impact will it have on the game industry in the future is quite expected.

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