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Google shut down its failed Google+ social network

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Just three months after 2019, Google has terminated many of its products, with an average of one product every nine days. Experts comment that this is a big damage to the Google brand, weakening existing customers’ trust in the brand and affecting their willingness to invest. Other vendors offer the same service, and consumers will never buy a Google order.

Google’s services include music streaming player Chromecast Audio, YouTube video annotations, Google Fiber, Google’s Android Things platform for IoT devices, laptop and tablet divisions, instant messaging app Google Allo, VR team Spotlight Stories, and URL shortening Service features Google URL Shortener, Gmail’s IFTTT feature; Google+, Google Inbox have also been closed, Google Hangouts closed in October this year, and others expect Google Music to move to YouTube Music this year.

The report believes that the first injury is affecting the willingness to invest. Because Google is a platform company, regardless of cloud computing, applications and extension ecosystems, developer APIs, advertising solutions, operating system pre-installation, or user data storage, Google is constantly asking consumers, developers, and partners to invest in their builds. content.

But any successful platform needs the trust and support of these groups. These groups need to feel that the platform of today’s investment will continue to exist in the future. If any of these groups lose confidence in Google, it may have a catastrophic impact.

For example, consumers want to know that photos, videos, and emails uploaded to Google will always exist. If users buy Chromecast or Google Home, they need to know that the services and ecosystems they rely on will continue to work if users spend time with themselves, friends, and The list of family members moved to the new messaging service and needs to be confirmed that the service will not be closed after 2 years. The same is true for social networks, users will want to know that this service will not leak your data, or delete all posts after a few years.

Corporate customers like to work with mature companies, just like the old adage “No one (technician) will be fired for buying IBM”, partly reflecting the company’s desire for stable, reliable technology partners. In contrast, if Google is not stable enough, which company will dare to use Google’s cloud computing productivity and co-op software tools and software G Suite.

Developers and hardware manufacturers have more stability requirements for the platform. After all, a software development takes several months. For hardware developers, manufacturers also need to know how many Google products or features are planned to be integrated. year. Imagine Volvo’s integration of the new Android Auto OS into the upcoming Polestar 2. Since the vehicle takes about 5 years to develop, the next step is to sell the car. If the Google service is unstable, the risk to the car dealer is great.

Google’s bad habit of launching new services and sloppy closing has been criticized by many media, and Google’s long-planned streaming game platform, Stadia, has also been questioned. The report even said, “If Stadia is Amazon’s product, I don’t think we’ll worry. When will this product be dissolved? Microsoft’s game streaming media service Project xCloud only faces questions about feasibility and appeal, and no one is worried that Microsoft will get tired of it and abandon it in 2 years.”

The TECHNICA comment pointed out that Google used to have a record of removing products. It is understandable for a company that has opened up a new territory, but it has never been as exaggerated as this year, and they suspect that Google may not realize this at all.

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