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Google Search is receiving slight design change, see what the difference!

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Google Search is probably one of the most commonly used tools in the world and every detail counts. Today the Mountain View company said that it is working on a new design that will not be seen by the least attentive.

According to the images published by the American giant, the Google search will disappear the URL of the sites in the visits in order to show only the logo and name of the website in question. This change will be for smartphones only. Still, it is believed that the PC version will have the same ideology.

Google search changes

Small changes are more important than you imagine

You have certainly noticed that the links on the websites are green. Well, if you remember well a year ago the links were blue. According to Google, the green link had more clicks than blue. We do not know the reason for such a reaction but everything is done in detail.

Therefore, it is believed that in this way the company gives even more value to the internet sites that provide the information to Google. While you only see the link to the website in question, you will soon see the name and logo of the website that is offering you the content.

When it will arrive in the new Google Search design

According to the Google publication, these small changes will arrive in the next few days to the users in the smartphone. It was not ruled out the same design hypothesis also get to the computer. Incidentally, it was stated that “it will reach the smartphone first”. This gives us to understand that the new lines will also reach the big screen.

So if you own a website and want people to see your logo in the search, do not forget to change Favicon with your image. More than a URL, an image will capture the attention of your readers.

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