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Google removes beauty filters because they are not good for users mental health


Google made the decision to remove beauty filters by default from their smartphones because, according to studies, they are not good for users’ mental health.

Beauty filters are not new on smartphones. These are those “Beauty Mode” filters that stretch your face and remove any pimples, spots, or wrinkles that you seem to have.

Google makes decision to remove “Beauty Mode” filters

Google beauty selfies mode

However, most recent studies have reported that this standard of beauty is not good for users. This is because the result of the photograph has nothing to do with reality.

People are perfect with their imperfections and this type of filter ends up creating a standard of beauty almost impossible to achieve.

Google beauty mode Google Pixel

Google said: ” We try to better understand the effect that filter selfies can have on people’s wellbeing, especially when filters are enabled by default.

We conducted several studies and talked to children and mental health experts from around the world and found that when you are not aware that a camera or photo app has applied a filter, photos can have a negative impact on mental well-being. These standard filters can discreetly define a standard of beauty that some people compare to. “

In summary, this “beauty mode” makes the photograph of the person without marks on the face, however, if this becomes the “new normal”, the pattern of beauty is changed in a totally incalculable way. Which can lead many people to depression.

Apple is one of the companies that most resisted this “beauty mode”. However, in the latest iOS updates, we have seen some differences in the front camera with slight additions of such a beauty filter.

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