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Google prepares to close another application, says goodbye to Google Trips

google trips

After announcing the arrival of an improved version of Google Trips on the web, it has now been officially revealed that the application will be closed on August 5th . So if you get used to having this application as a ‘companion’ on the smartphone, you’d better take advantage of these last two months.

Google Trips data

This has become an extremely useful tool for millions of users, especially for those who travel constantly to new locations. This application allows you, in a practical and intuitive way, to plan the entire stay in a certain city down to the smallest detail.

A decision difficult to explain

We have become accustomed to seeing Google terminate many of its applications and services. However, this happens when a service has become obsolete or there is an application with better functionalities that serve the same purpose. As for Google Trips, none of the above reasons can be applied.

This is an application that continues to be extremely useful to travelers and there is no alternative that serves the same purpose in Google’s application ecosystem. It is true that some of the features can be realized via Google Assistant, but it is far from being so detailed and simple.

Web version is much better, but does not replace application

After the recent renewal of Google Trips on the web, everything became more organized and with easy access. There is no doubt that this is a useful tool for when you organize your travels on the computer. You can access this new version on , either through your computer or smartphone.

Not being able to completely replace the application, we may see several new features implemented during the next two months.

The Google Cemetery continues to grow in ‘eyesight’

This is a popular site created by Google , where its fans can remember ‘old glories’, which one day presented themselves as the most promising projects ever. Here you can find a total of 166 products, which are divided into 12 Apps, 142 services and 12 hardware products.

Among the most popular, it is impossible not to highlight some products in each of the categories:


  • Google Allo
  • Bump!
  • Word Lens
  • Google Currents


  • Google Hangouts
  • Inbox by Gmail
  • Google+
  • Google Goggles


  • Chromecast Audio
  • Nexys Player
  • Google Glass Explorer Edition
  • Project Ara
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