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Google Prepares a Credit Card Competing With the Apple Card

The EU has opened a huge fine, and Google’s monopoly was fined 1.5 billion euros.
The EU has opened a huge fine, and Google’s monopoly was fined 1.5 billion euros.

Last year, Apple launched a new product quite different from what we were used to. The Apple Card put the American on the credit card market and since then others have followed suit.

Google is in the process of joining this range. According to what TechCrunch was able to ascertain, Google will be developing its credit card.

Google Card

As with the Apple Card, Google will launch a credit card on the Visa network. This means that the card can be used in the vast majority of payment terminals that we know.

“Google Card” will have its physical and virtual version

Google seems to want to launch itself into a new niche market with several options. According to what is reported, in addition to the physical card, Google will put all its potential in virtual cards on your smartphone.

It means that if for some reason, you forget your card at home, you only need your smartphone to pay for purchases. There you will have access to all the necessary information to proceed with the pending payment. You can also use Google’s credit card for online purchases.

One of the advantages of the alleged Google proposal will be the possibility to load balance on the card. To do this, you must use Google Pay, the current payment system for Android users.

User safety is on Google’s mind

If you lose your Google credit card, you can easily safeguard your finances. The card number can be canceled immediately and you will continue to be able to use the virtual cards until a replacement physical arrives in your hands.

Google Card

It will be equally simple to be aware of how much, when and where you spend your money. Data that will be presented to you with the location on the map to easily understand if you spent that amount.

Google does not comment on the topic

After collecting this data, TechCrunch contacted Google. In response, the company does not recognize plans to launch this product. Still, Google reiterates that it is in contact with financial companies to explore new partnerships for the Google Pay service.

It remains unclear when we can watch the launch of this new product. The first country to take advantage of it will certainly be the USA, with no guarantee that UK will also have access to it.

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