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Google Podcasts will be available on iOS and browsers through search


Users of Apple’s iOS or desktop browsers can now take advantage of Google Podcasts, the interface for listening to the company’s Mountain View programs. However, there are turns to give.

On the desktop, if you search Google the name of some podcast, it will return you a list of recent episode. By clicking, you’ll be taken to to listen.

However, this link only takes you to the product page to download the app. To get to the interface, you have to choose an episode of the podcast in question in the search.

It seems confusing, unnecessary and it would be simpler to create an app but in iOS we already have an application for Podcasts. Either way, if you have a Google account, you can save and sync the podcasts you’re listening to.

Google wants all users to listen to podcasts on their platform

This is yet another attempt by Google to encourage people to use their products. Personally, when I want to listen to a podcast, I turn on Spotify on my phone or computer and listen.

Even if you do not subscribe to such a program and want to listen to the podcast directly through the search, it’s an interesting solution. The product leader of Google Podcasts shared on Twitter the news.

In the example given in iOS, you can search directly in Google Search, choose an episode and it will be played immediately. At least the system is not as far-fetched as in browsers.

In any case, Google Podcasts is the Mountain View company’s application to listen to audio programs. It’s available in the Google Play Storeand is completely free.

Pooja Kaintura
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