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Google Podcasts. New design reaches users with great news


At a time when Spotify is becoming more and more prominent in the podcast segment, Google continues to try to ‘catch the train’, with a redesign of its application.

The design has been developed recently, and 9to5Google claims that it has already started to reach some users. One of the new features is auto-download of episodes.

If you are a Google Podcasts user, as soon as the feature becomes available to you, you will be introduced to the “new” Google Podcasts that highlights three parts of the app available in the bottom bar.

Google Podcasts
The “new” Google Podcasts. Credit: 9to5Google

This bottom bar will give you access to the “latest episodes of your subscriptions”, the possibility to “explore popular content or search for your favorites” and “manage your queue, downloads and subscriptions”.

Without a doubt, Google Podcasts improves with each update, making it an increasingly valid service. In addition, it has the advantage of being focused only and only on podcasts.

However, with Spotify’s frank bet on this type of content, I already got used to having music and podcasts on the same platform. This not only means that you do not have to switch between apps, but you are getting used to a whole way of consuming the contents.

Speaking of podcasts, every 15 days you can watch live the most “pika” podcast – the 4gnews podcast. Then we talk about the most relevant news from the technological sector, you can watch it live on our Youtube channel or listen to it on different platforms, such as Google Podcasts, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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