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Google Photos Will Help You Edit Videos With New Functionality


Very soon it will be possible to easily remove the audio from your videos directly on Google Photos. The functionality was discovered thanks to engineer Jane Manchung Wong.

This source has several times revealed features that are coming to an app, before they are released. And this time it shows us that a simple button is being prepared where the audio of a video is removed using the editing tools.

Whether on Android or iOS, Google Photos has what we can call very rudimentary editing tools. We can make cuts or rotate the image for a better result, and little more.

With the possibility to remove the sound directly on Google Photos, you will be more confident that you publish certain videos on social networks, not having to worry if you said something inappropriate.

Functionality is still in the testing phase

The functionality is thus available at the touch of a button. It remains to be seen now when it will start to be tested, and start to reach most users of the app.

If you don’t use Google Photos, this is the app that I recommend to manage your photo and video library. It allows you to switch between devices without risking losing your content, and storage is unlimited.

Shivam Singh
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