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Google Photos will add one of the most requested features


If you use Google Photos, you know that this is the best app you can use to manage your photo gallery. And soon it will get even better, giving you the possibility to search your photos by location.

The novelty was discovered by the developer Alessandro Paluzzi, in version 4.52 of the application. The feature is called “Explore Map”, and promises to give your photos a ‘place’.

How it works

As soon as you enter Google Photos, and switch to the ‘Search’ bar, you will find what we can call a map widget. That’s where you’ll have access to the new feature, once it becomes available to everyone.

Google Photo

This feature is added to make you “relive the places you’ve been, exploring your photos that have location information, including shared photos you’ve recorded. Your map uses location information like your camera’s GPS, your location history on Google, and the detection of landmarks “.

This is a novelty that will certainly help you find and save moments in Google Photos if you want to search for a specific location where you went or go often.

It is said by the source that the functionality is working in version 4.52, after a teardown to the app. For now, it is not yet available for ordinary users, but it will be a matter of time before that happens.

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