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Google Nest Hub Max: The new gadget you’ll want for a smart home


Google today unveiled its new gadget Google Nest Hub Max. Incidentally, Google today took an important step by assuming that all of their gadgets for a smart home will be called Nest. I remember Nest was a smart gadget company that was bought by the Mountain View company.

The new Google Nest Hub Max gives us a perfect hub for all your smart products at home. That is, this small 10 “inch screen is tactile and also serves to control everything that is connected.

Nest Hub Max

For example, you can turn on the lights at home through the screen or voice, you can see who is at the door of your house through a compatible smart camera or even watch videos. Incidentally, this is probably the most sophisticated digital album you can have right now. Since you can also reproduce photos through your Google Photos account.

Features has the Google Nest Max Hub

Nest Hub Max 2
  • Google Assistant
  • 10 “Tactile Touch Screen
  • You can see everything, control everything (you need compatible gadgets at home)
  • Motion sensors (perfect for serving also as a security camera)
  • Google Duo Compatibility
  • In video calls, camera adapts to your location to always stay in the center
  • PowerSound with a rear speaker
  • Pause music with the “stop” hand gesture
  • Recognize your face and give you information intended for you
  • Turn off the camera and microphone whenever you want
  • Watch videos on Youtube
Nest Hub Max

Price and Availability of Google Nest Hub Max

The price of Google Hub Max is that it will not be the best. Google Hub Max has the price to be around 200 € and should not be available in Portugal. Its launch will take place “in the summer” and will only reach the US, UK and Australia.

Google promises to bring more languages ​​to the wizard but Portuguese remains too limited and only available in Brazilian Portuguese. Still, if you do not have problems with English and you want to make your home smart, this is the gadget you have to buy.

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